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At Batton Tax (part of Padgett Business Services), we’re a small business, too.

And we know taxes can pose a problem.

Meredith's Story

Meredith Trimble, owner of Union Eye Works, shares her story.

“As owner of a growing small business, alongside my husband, Ryan, I realized that as our income and payroll increased, so did the amount of expertise needed to stay compliant with the ever-changing tax landscape,” she said. “I also realized two other things. First, I could not do it myself; and second, that my former payroll company was only providing half of what I needed, which was comprehensive management of all my accounting, payroll, and tax preparation under one roof.”

The Trimbles began working with Padgett Business Services to manage both business and personal taxes.


According to Meredith, it became an easy decision to work with us to integrate their business payroll, tax, and retirement accounts. “I trust Padgett Business Services to oversee all my payroll and accounting needs,” she said. “They give me peace of mind and valuable time to concentrate on other important parts of growing my business.”

Here’s what we see business owners struggling with every day.

You work hard for your money. Why pay more to the IRS than you should?  We’ll work with you to customize a plan to minimize your taxes and stress, and we’ll update it every year.

A surprise tax bill is a punch to the gut. And it can be devastating to your business and your personal life. We’ll guide you throughout the year, letting you know what to expect and how to deal with it.

Tax bills can be large, and without a plan, sometimes the money evaporates before your payment is due.  We’ll teach you how to organize your finances and get those taxes paid on time. 

My name is Greg Batton, and I own Batton Tax.

We’re part of Padgett Business Services, and since 2002, I’ve been working with small business owners to help them with their taxes – I’m  an experienced guide. 

my team and I will help you figure it out.
Because I’ve been there.

I run a small business too – and I have clients, employees, and a family.  They all depend on me.  And like you, I work hard.  Sometimes, there are not enough hours in the day.  And for small business owners, figuring out the tax situation can be source of frustration and worry.

Here’s how my team and I can help.

We know the tax code, we know the challenges small businesses face, and we know small business owners.  We’re different, because we offer you expertise and empathy, and the advice we give reflects that.  We have the tools (tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll) to bring it all together and make managing your finances seamless.  And as an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, I can be your ambassador to resolve issues and prevent future headaches. 


I’m also a financial coach trained by the Dave Ramsey organization. My passion is to help clients control their money, get out of debt, and become wealthy. I can help you, too. If you want to get rid of the money stress in your life, call me today!

Greg Batton

P.S. And just FYI, I’m not all work and no play. On weekends you’ll find me riding bikes with my wife Lisa, or cuddling on the couch with our rescue pup, Poco.

Meet the Team


Leslie Ragaglia

Client Service Experts.


She is also a bookkeeper and payroll expert. She is QuickBooks Online certified and fluent in Quick Books desktop. Her experience and wisdom always come with a smile.


In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her husband and son, and take long walks in the woods in Maine.


Terri Weber

Client Service Expert


Expert. When not working with clients, she is a bookkeeper, knowledgeable in Payroll and our Tax Payment expert. Her research skills are awesome. She too is certified in QuickBooks Online and is fluent in QuickBooks.


On her time off she enjoys long walks, bike rides, cooking, and spending time with her husband and their 15 year old dog Lincoln. Visits with their kids is also always a plus!

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